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Online Advisor

Turn our site into a counseling tool! Don't just refer your students to the internet... use it as part of the advising process.

With the Online Advisor, we help you leverage our functionality to better serve your students.

Briefcase / Organizer Access

Students can allow you to peer into your their briefcases and organizers, helping you keep tabs on their progress. Find out which schools they are interested in, which scholarships they are thinking about applying to, and which careers they are exploring.

Student Reports

Planning an information session on in-state universities? Find out which students have a given school in their college briefcases. Looking to create a booklet of scholarship applications for the guidance office? Search for the most popular scholarships in their scholarship briefcases.

Bulletin Board Functionality

You can post information for your students via our bulletin boards. Inform them about a financial aid night, share dates for upcoming visits by college admissions officers, or distribute a few helpful tips on writing an admissions essay.

We allow you to control which grades will see each message and to assign each message a topic.

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Create Customized Guides

Take advantage of the great content that we have assembled on our site. Share our guides and articles with your students.

We let you create customized versions of our guides in PDF format so you can easily print them out, copy them, and distribute them to your students. Add your high school name, a name for the guide, and additional comments to our informative scholarship and college-related guides.

You can also access non-customizable versions of our guides to use as handouts

My High School Page

College Toolkit offers a quick-and-easy way for you to create a valuable resource for your students. With the My High School page, you can build a list of scholarships, which may be particularly relevant to students at your high school.

There are two ways you can add scholarships to your My High School page. First, you can search through our extensive database of scholarships and simply add relevant listings with a click of the mouse. For these listings, every time a scholarship logs on to revise its information, your listing is instantly brought up-to-date. Second, we allow you to add your own school-specific listings. These may be awards offered by the a local employer or a Lion's Club in your town. You can easily manage these listings through our website.

Step-By-Step Instructions on Creating a My High School page

In addition to the scholarship listings, you can provide students with up to 5 helpful tips on searching for financial aid. The My High School page only requires a few minutes of your time to set up and it's FREE.

We even provide you with copy-and-paste code so you can add a version of your My High School page to your own school website.

Our My High School feature can be a great tool to help your students get going on their scholarship search

Download a color or black-and-white poster to let your students know about all the great features and content that College Toolkit has to offer.

Refer a Scholarship

We want our database to be as useful and comprehensive as we can make it. If there is a scholarship that you would like to see added to our listings, let us know. Fill out a Scholarship Referral form, and we will contact the organization for you and work to get them listed as soon as possible.

If you already have some scholarships in mind, let us know by visiting the Refer a Scholarship page. We, at College Toolkit, thank you for your help in making this scholarship search and application tool a great resource for students.